Voice Over Services

As a Customer Service Manager for 20 years for a large corporation, I know the value of happy clients. My turn around time is very fast, my communication is excellent, I work in a professional manner, and I will work hard to give you exactly what you envisioned.

Sound Quality

I pride myself on providing you exceptional and professional sound quality.  I have spent a lot of time and money in setting up my studio in order to give you top quality sound.  I am able to give you a dry recording with no effects, or something that is completely produced and ready for inclusion in your project.


Most of my clients request a CD quality 44.1k, 16 bit final results.  I can provide WAV, MP3 or any other audio format.  If you need a higher quality recording, I can provide a 96k, 24bit recording.

Fast Turn Around

I understand the need for promptness.  Often, I am able to offer 24 hour, or faster, turn around time to get you what you need, when you need it.

Phone Patch

I have the ability to do what is called a phone patch.  This means you will call in with a telephone and listen to my microphone while I do a take.  This lets you immediately hear how I read the piece and can give me instant feedback, essentially directing me in real-time. The quality that you would hear over the phone is of course phone-quality, but what I record for you is high quality.

Source Connect

Source-Connect-200Source Connect is quickly becoming more widely adopted and there is a very good chance it will take over ISDN as the preferred method of connecting real-time into a remote studio. I have purchased Source Connect and am able to offer this service to you.  Wherever you are in the world, you can have a real-time, high quality connection with me and my microphone in my sound booth!


If ISDN is your only option for patching me into your studio, I can use an ISDN bridge and Source Connect to offer this service.

Fully Produced Sounds

For my clients that would rather have me deliver a fully produced sound, I am able to provide the following services:

  • Noise Gate (For that last bit of noise, even though my studio is very quiet)
  • EQ
  • De-Clicking to get rid of unwanted mouth clicks and pops
  • De-Breathing to remove unwanted breath sounds
  • Compression (Amount dependant on client preferences)
  • Limiting (To keep peaks from clicking)
  • Reverb (On request)


I can deliver files via e-mail, Dropbox, or FTP, or CD.


I can take PayPal or a business check.  VISA, MasterCard, American Express and the Discover card are also available through Paypal.Paypal-200

I record in a Professional Studio

I have had a custom vocal booth built just for my voice over business that lets me record broadcast-quality audio with very little noise.  I can do phone patches and also direct studio connections via Source Connect and ISDN.  I use a high quality Neumann microphone with an excellent pre-amp and digital processing.  You can read more details about my Studio and my Voice Over Services.

My Style

I have been described as warm, friendly, personal, and female, of course!  People have also described me as honest and professional with a clear articulate delivery.  I can do the friend/neighbor next door, or the Wife/Mom, which comes naturally as I am a woman, married, and have three teenage daughters. 🙂  I can also do a hard sell or a soft sell. I really enjoy doing telephone IVR (Interactive Voice Recordings) for your phone menus.

Voice Over Options 

Voice Overs are used for Online advertising Campaigns, Animations, Video Games, Corporate Videos, Cartoons, Commercials, Infomercials, Television, Radio, Training Videos, Feature Films, Documentaries, e-Learning, Explainer Videos, YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos just to name some.  The major industries that use voice over talent such as myself are: Automotive, Corporate, Medical, Utilities, Manufacturers, Retail, and Travel.


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