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One of the most important factors you will consider when choosing a voice over artist for your next project is the quality of the sound.  It doesn’t matter if the voice is perfect for your project…if there are background noises, or if it is not professionally recorded…then it is not usable.

I have invested tremendous time and money in creating a professional level vocal booth and computer processing gear to get you a sound that is perfectly clear and will cut through a mix to bring your message directly to your audience.

Vocal Booth

Vocal booths can make a big difference in sound.  It is pretty easy to tell which voice over actors are recording in untreated rooms with ambient noises, versus those in the industry who have invested time and money and record in a very quiet booth that is acoustically treated.  My booth has been constructed using known studio guidelines to keep the outside sounds out and the inside sounds in.  With my microphone/pre-amp combination in the vocal booth, I have a noise floor between -66db and -75db depending on the level of outside noises (A/C etc.); this gives me a very quiet recording that won’t have discernible background noise.
I am able to do all my work in my booth as I have a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as audio monitors to hear my takes.  I am able to do a very quick turn around on your project as I am not going back and forth between the studio and the control room.

Source Connect/Phone Patch

I own the Source Connect software and am able to do remote studio patches where you can have my high resolution “clean and dry” signal in real time for input into your DAW.  I record my takes as well and can send you the takes if you have glitches in yours.

I am also able to do a phone patch.  Both of these options will let you direct me in real-time for your project.


My microphone of choice is the Nuemann TLM 103.  This has a capsule based off the K 87 Capsule which is on the famous U87 microphone, giving that U87 magic sound.  The advantage the TLM 103 has over the U87 is its very low noise level.  Because the Neumann only has one capsule and one pickup pattern (only one needed by voice over artists), the TLM 103 microphone has a much lower self noise level than the U87.

I use a Great River ME-1NV preamp which properly drives the microphone and accentuates the sound of the TLM 103. Once it comes out of the preamp, it goes directly into the computer where it stays in the digital domain.

Computer Based Studio

I use the latest Cubase software as my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  I find the workflow very quick and the quality is excellent.  I can save your work in either uncompressed WAV format or the lossy and smaller MP3 format, and others on request.  Most of the time, clients request 44.1k, 16 bit Audio (CD Quality), but I am able to provide 96k, 24 bit audio on request.

I am able to give you a completely dry recording, which means there are no additional processing filters on the sound, or a completely produced sound for those who don’t have their own DAW. This is great when you are going to use the sound directly in a YouTube video or corporate presentation and don’t want, or know how, to further process the dry signal to make it sound professional.

For that produced processed sound, I use expensive high quality third party plugins for:

  • Noise Gate (For that last bit of noise, even though my studio is very quiet)
  • EQ
  • De-Clicking to get rid of unwanted mouth clicks and pops
  • De-Breathing to remove unwanted breath sounds
  • Compression (Amount dependent on client preferences)
  • Limiting (To keep peaks from clicking)

I have tried many different brands of plug-ins in order to find the ones that work best for my sound.

Listen to my demos and I hope you will agree that my sound is clean with very little post processing for your project; and that my effort into making sure the audio quality is top notch has paid off!

I record in a Professional Studio

I have had a custom vocal booth built just for my voice over business that lets me record broadcast-quality audio with very little noise.  I can do phone patches and also direct studio connections via Source Connect and ISDN.  I use a high quality Neumann microphone with an excellent pre-amp and digital processing.  You can read more details about my Studio and my Voice Over Services.

My Style

I have been described as warm, friendly, personal, and female, of course!  People have also described me as honest and professional with a clear articulate delivery.  I can do the friend/neighbor next door, or the Wife/Mom, which comes naturally as I am a woman, married, and have three teenage daughters. 🙂  I can also do a hard sell or a soft sell. I really enjoy doing telephone IVR (Interactive Voice Recordings) for your phone menus.

Voice Over Options 

Voice Overs are used for Online advertising Campaigns, Animations, Video Games, Corporate Videos, Cartoons, Commercials, Infomercials, Television, Radio, Training Videos, Feature Films, Documentaries, e-Learning, Explainer Videos, YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos just to name some.  The major industries that use voice over talent such as myself are: Automotive, Corporate, Medical, Utilities, Manufacturers, Retail, and Travel.


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